Answers to frequently questions


By preparing various cologne components such as essential oils, industrial alcohols, aromatic oils and etc., and by using its formulation, Mandaliouf offers its products with the closest aroma to the original fragrance.

Currently, it is possible for orders within the city of Tehran that are sent by courier.

But Mandaliouf plans to make it possible for postal orders soon.

14 ml Mandaliouf Eau de Cologne is offered in a package of 3.

This means that the number of products you choose must be a multiple of 3. Of course, you have the right to choose 3 of Mandaliouf’s 42 products.

No, Mandaliouf produces and sells cologne.

Yes. Relying on the power and experience of the Iranian force, production is done in Tehran.

Yes. Mandaliouf sends orders to all parts of the world using prevalent shipping methods (courier, post, DHL, etc.).

For all orders that are sent through the post office of the Islamic Republic. There is no charge from the customer.