• The mission of the Mandaliouf Company is to create a lasting fragrance to increase people’s self-confidence and personality, and to choose rewarding and unique products.

    The vision of the Mandaliouf is to produce fragrances that appeal to a wide range of people and target specific fragrances for specific preferences.

    In today’s industrialized world, there is a trend of sporting perfumes, which change the lifestyle a little. This fragrance is not pure men or women perfume. Anyone with any taste can use it. Even in a world where being formal and sporty has moved into the perfume industries, there is still room for improvement.


    • Perfume for women is combined with mild, cold essential oils that match women’s spirits. Perfume is a very personal element in women’s life and it can be rather difficult to make unless you have adequate knowledge of essential oils. The price range you select will be determined by your choice of perfume and essential oil and the material used to make them. Some perfumes will not be used for ordinary parties, office settings, and day-to-day entertainment, mainly because perfumes with concentrated essential oils tend to cost more and are often used for first-class parties.

      The best fragrance for men should have powerful ingredients, and the result should increase your attractiveness. On the other hand, the durability of the perfume is crucial, since if it emits a pleasant perfume for less than 8 hours, it won’t benefit you at all. Another aspect to consider for men perfume is the distinctive visual effect provided by the packaging. A classic or modern fragrance for men can show off your bold features, with distinctive brands with distinctive notes. Fruit floral scents are not commonly used to produce men’s perfume because it is not popular. The only time citrus was used to produce men’s perfume that was liked was in Givenchy Monsieur perfume.

      Mandaliouf has always strived to make sure the peace of mind and the satisfaction of our dear customers, so we do our best to get all orders to them in exactly the conditions they expect and wish for. To further ensure the quality of the product, all hard box packages in the collection include a warranty plate.

      A guarantee, signed by the company manager, Mr. Ahmad Khanghah, guarantees all esteemed buyers the quality of the goods and the originality of each and every essential oil. Further, the fact that a Mandaliouf product carries a warranty mark guarantees that the goods purchased be replaced if they are defective.